We provide consulting services on conscription issues.

Reliable Tips concerning the Conscription Law and all relevant Laws and Provisions.

All our consultants, are graduates in Law.

Ongoing Support

The GR ARMY provides specific support to Greek people of the entire world, wherever they live. With your PC or “smart phone”, you can get by our experts direct and reliable answer/solution to any conscription issue.

The GR ARMY provides support, 24/7. So, every Greek can get information on issues related to the Greek army or gather the documentation needed and submit them to the competent Conscription Services in Greece.

Way of Support

Without having to travel long distances or hassle otherwise, you can contact us in no time through www.grarmy.com and within 2-3 business days, depending on the difficulty of each issue, you get a full response via e-mail or by phone, if necessary, for your best convenience. We, also, submit the documentation to the competent Services in Greece, on your behalf.

We can decide together on the handling of your personal issue, for the best possible outcome.

Activities abroad

We travel and organize lectures in various countries abroad, especially after our invitation by official Bodies of the Greek Diaspora in order to inform Greek people living there about conscription issues, to answer to questions and to gather documents, if arranged.

Moreover, for any inconvenience you face in contact with the Greek Consular Authorities (Embassies or Consulates) about conscription issues, we undertake to explain all the details to you or to contact the Consular Authorities, on your behalf.


Finally, you can also find us on Facebook or Twitter and be friends with us, in order to get and through those pages the updating you need.

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Advice via email!

Email UsYou can contact us via e-mail, for information and specific documents required for your case, with an additional capability of our action on your behalf towards the Greek Authorities.


We provide support


Advice and information

Wherever you are, wherever in the world, contact us and get answers to all your conscription issues.

Laws and Provisions

Our skilled consultants, know the Legislation of Conscription in-depth and all the relative laws and provisions so as to provide with reliable answers and advice.

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Census Bulletin submission, deferment, conscription exemption, permanent residents abroad, reduced length of military service, soldiers permits etc.