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Every time you contact the competent Conscription Services, either yourself or through authorized persons, useful is to remember some conditions.



When you or an authorized person contact the Conscription Services, you will need to know certain details of the person in interest:

First Name.


Name of the father.

Date of birth.

City/Community, where the Male Registration Records are located.

Every time you travel to Greece, ask the authorities in the airport to stamp your passport both on entry and exit. Stamps are official evidence of your trips and your stay in the Country, which can significantly help in your cases before the Greek Consular Authorities abroad.

When you request a certificate of studies (transcripts) from an educational institution abroad, in order to have your military obligations postponed due to study reasons, it is useful, before you validate and translate the transcripts, to act as follows:

Send the certificate of studies to your Conscription Service, via Fax.

Call the Conscription Service and ask, if possible, for an over-the-phone confirmation of receipt and that the information given is correct according to Law, in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and extra costs.



The Certificate of Marital Status for military use, is valid for the first two (2) months from the issue date.

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