GR ARMY is your precious friend and partner in every conscription issue of yours.

Before giving up, before despair, give us your trust as your last expectation. It's really worth it!

According the provisions of paragraph 6, Article 4 of the Constitution of Greece: “Every Greek capable of bearing arms is obliged to contribute to the defense of the Homeland , according to the definitions of the law .”

Therefore, Military issues every day concern a great number of Greeks, living in Greece or abroad. It is well established that the Greek people usually face a great discomfort, while communicating to the competent Authorities, and the result rather than qualitative. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time lost in waiting and other times the service is not friendly nor reliable (depending each time on the man who gives the information).

Gr Army, is a group of professional consultants who support Greeks all over the world to get special, reliable and immediate information/advice to any Greek conscription issue, according to the current Greek Legislation of Conscription, 24/7.

The GR ARMY services, the way they are provided, aim to help you and give you legal advice, solving all the queries you may have, even giving meaningful and practical solution to issues concerning your military obligations.

We can give you the best legal advice on any Greek conscription issue, via e-mail.

Our official website: includes all specific information you might need.

One of our partners is Mr. Christos Mesaretzidis, Brigadier i.r who provide valuable services in the capacity of qualified legal advisor (he worked successfully on issues of Greek Diaspora as the Military Officer on Conscription Issues in America-Canada appointed to the General Consulate of Greece in N.Y., from 2008 – 2011).

During his longtime career, he served successfully as a Military Officer of the Conscription – Military Legal Advisors Corps as:

Conscription Office of LivadeiaHead of Dept., Office Director
6th Infantry Regiment (Korinthos)Conscription Officer
Conscription Office of West Attica (Athens)Rapporteur
Conscription Office of Attica (Athens)Head of Dept., Conscription Officer,
Deputy Office Director
Conscription Directorate of Air Force General Staff (H.A.F.G.S./Β4 - Athens)Head of Dept., Office Director
Presidency of the Hellenic Republic (Athens)Director of Secretariat, Adjutant
Consulate General of Greece in New York (U.S.A.)Conscription Officer of America - Canada

We can help you fill-out various required forms, from simple applications to letters or any other specialized documents addressed to the competent Services (Consular, Conscription, etc.) to achieve the desired goal.

We undertake an advocacy role in case of rejection of any request, by preparing, for example, a written appeal against the Consular or Conscription Services, challenging the specific letter of rejection or requesting a review of your case.

We also check, thoroughly and responsibly, all the documents to be submitted to the competent Services, about any conscription issue and we send a response to you if these documents have been filled in correctly or not, so as to avoid additional trouble and extra costs. Just send all those documents in PDF form, as attachments to your e-mail.

We can even submit any documents on your behalf (as your legal representatives) to resolve your case to the competent Conscription Service, wherever in Greece.

GR ARMY undertake your defence before the Court Martial (in cases of insubordination or desertion), but can also inform you about the usual practice in such cases.
It works closely with lawyers on your behalf and even assign your representation before the competent Court Martial, with our cooperation.

GR ARMY is your precious friend and partner in each conscription issue of yours. Before giving up, before despair, give us a try as your last expectation. It’s really worth it!

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