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GR ARMY provides you with the opportunity of direct communication via the internet, and specifically via email. You can send your concerns in writing to us, 24/7 to get an immediate response within two days, the most.

Just send through e-mail your personal information, as listed below, describing briefly the conscription issue you’re concern about, as well.

NOTE: GR ARMY does not provide any oral conscription tips. Any advice is given only in writing, after a proper legal investigation and reward. Free services are not provided. Once you bring forward your question, issue, in writing, you get the cost of our work in writing, as well and if so agreed, we proceed to give you information in writing or to do anything is necessary to resolve your case.


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  2. For any other sort of payment (E-Banking, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Cash etc.), will be preceded by consultation with GR ARMY, for your convenience.

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Wherever you are, wherever in the world, contact us and get answers to all your conscription issues.

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Our skilled consultants, know the Legislation of Conscription in-depth and all the relative laws and provisions so as to provide with reliable answers and advice.

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Census Bulletin submission, deferment, conscription exemption, permanent residents abroad, reduced length of military service, soldiers permits etc.