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Our skilled consultants provide responsible information regarding Conscription & Military Service issues.

Examples of topics we provide answers and assistance are:
Assistance in filing papers or/and presenting your case. Cases classified as insubordinations.
Enlistment postponements for education, health issues, etc.Cases classified as desertions.
Research on possible exemptions from military service, based on your case. Exceptions on calls for further training.
Advice and certifications for Permanent Residents Abroad of Greek Nationality/Origin.Military obligations for Greek men over the age of 35.
Assisting active soldiers on obtaining Leave Permits.Military obligations for Greek men over the age of 45.
Fees and regulations on buy-out's of a Greek military service.Any other army recruitment issue.

Your contact with our skilled consultants, will guarantee prompt, reliable and comprehensive information to you, on every conscription issue.

Furthermore, you can also ask for information about the documentation needed for the case you’re concern about, check of the documents you are to submit to the competent Services, and your representation by us before the Authorities of Greece, as well.

We also cooperate with law firms in Greece, for legal issues that may arise in the course of your military issues settlement and our action extends until the completion of your military issue before the competent Conscription Service or Court-Martial.

Our skilled consultants, provide reliable information on the correct wording and claiming of your rights, according to the current legislation of Conscription.

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